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June 14, 2016

The most important aspect to think about when planning an event is getting the right venue. Without this, it’s impossible to continue planning your event. Here are six steps to securing the perfect venue.

Step 1 – Consider the type of venue you need

  • Indoor and / or outdoor space
  • Type of venue e.g. hotel, conference centre, golf club
  • Enough space for the number of guests attending
  • Timings of the room hire, including setup and breakdown
  • Good public transport links (if required)
  • Location convenience for where your guests need to travel from
  • If the venue allow you to bring in your own caterer or you are required to use theirs


Step 2 – Research possible venues


When looking for a venue, remember to search by the location in order to narrow your search. There are many ways to research potential venues.

  • Contact a free venue finding service such as Pandora Events
  • Look at venue finding websites such as or
  • Search Yellow Pages online directory
  • Ask friends and families for recommendations
  • Consider events you have attended and enjoyed


Step 3 – Contact Venues

It’s a good idea to create a short list of venues which would be a good fit for your criteria. Keep a Wish List handy so that you can refer back to it when speaking to the Conference and Events team.

  • Be sure to check availability for you preferred choice of date
  • Check that the costs fit within your budget
  • Ensure they can meet the requirements on your wish list
  • Get a feeling for if they are receptive to your requests such as theming, table sprinkles, smoke machines, bouncy castles etc.
  • Sufficient accommodation on site or within reasonable distance


Step 4  – Visit Potential Venues

Once you have narrowed the list down further, it’s important to make a site visit and find out which option is most suitable. Take your Wish List with you and thoroughly check out the venue, including the bathrooms, entrances, parking, and public areas. Does the venue provide the ambiance that you are looking for? There are a number of considerations….

  • The space must be able to cater for your guest numbers
  • Ensure there is enough parking
  • Consider Ceiling Height
  • Access for any equipment you may need to use
  • Enough space for any theming, entertainment and dance floor
  • Consider the lighting and temperature
  • Places to relax away from the main area


Step 5: Agree on price and terms

Once you have identified your favourite venue, you will need to enter into negotiations to secure the best possible deal. Although they will have standard prices, there may be a chance to bargain the price down, or to include extra services such as sound equipment or upgrading your meal choice at no extra cost.


Step 6: Make a booking and confirm

When you have selected which venue is the best for your event, you may be able to reserve the space over the phone, but most likely you will be sent a contract that states:

  • Facilities booked
  • Dates and times booked
  • Catering requirements
  • Payments required
  • Other contractual obligations e.g. cleaning
  • Cancellation costs


Be sure to review the contracts carefully and ask questions if you are unsure about anything. After you have signed and returned the contract, it is well worth keeping communication with the Event Manager, to ensure the booking is safe and the date has not been double booked.

Finding a suitable venue can be a very time consuming process and so if you decide you would like somebody to do this for you, Pandora Events offer a free venue finding service. They can deliver suitable options to meet your needs, negotiate excellent rates, liaise with venues and ensure the contract is everything you expect it to be.


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