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If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to ask in the contact box below!.

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How can you possibly offer all this for free?

Easy, we are paid commission by the Venue for the introduction of your business.
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Are venue rates increased to cover the commission payment?

Not at all, you would be charged the same rate if you had booked it yourself.
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Do you have minimum numbers requirements to deal with my booking?

Definitely not, we deal with bookings from 2+. We have no restrictions and we value your business no matter what the numbers or requirements.
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If I send you an enquiry is there an obligation that we have to book with you?

There is no obligation to book any of the proposals that we send you.
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What happens if I need to see the Venues?

Simply let us know which Venues that you would like to visit and we will organise all the arrangements for you.
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What happens if I decide to book?

Once you have chosen the venue Pandora Events will forward a written confirmation to you detailing your requirements in depth. The Venue will then produce a contract which will be sent direct to you to sign and return.
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What is the catch?

We promise there is no catch, it is fantastic and it is a totally free service.

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